Master the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT)

The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) is here to stay.  The ACFT App by Troopsy will assist you in mastering yourself and the ACFT. The best you is yet to come.

The ACFT App was created to help you excel, improve your unit's readiness, and accomplish all missions. Physical readiness is a MUST. The App was Developed by Army Cyber Warriors.

01. Calculator

Calculate a number of things including single ACFT scores, group ACFT scores, Height and Weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), and more.

02. Video Instructions

All events (including alternate) have written instructions along with videos demonstrating how to perform each one.

03. Enhanced Score Chart

Easily check the enhanced score chart to look up multiple scores at once.

04. Timer

For timed events (Maximum Deadlift, Release Push-up, Leg Tuck, Plank, and Power Throw) keep track of the time for each event.

05. Stop Watch

Keep track of the time for Sprint Drag Carry (SDC) and Two-Mile Run (2MR) with this cool tool! It counts down the time for each physical demand category. So you know exactly how much time you have left.

06. Fitness Plans

Working out every day can be a daunting task.  Especially when you don't know what exercises to do. That problem ends here!

Are you ready to conquer the ACFT? Start by downloading the app now! Staying Army Fit is very important to a vibrant America.
Time MAnagement

Tracking your time hasn't been easier

The ACFT has different grading categories based on the old Physical Demand Category model. This can help you train to standard if the different categories come back.

The time feature in the ACFT app will keep getting better and better over time. There are a few features in the pipeline that will blow your mind! Get the app up to date for all new features.


ACFT Clock

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Are you ready to increase your ACFT productivity? Start by downloading the app now! Staying Army Fit hasn't been easier.
Ease of Use

The ACFT App was built to be easy to use.



Calculate more that just the ACFT.

Conquer the ACFT

The ACFT is a simple test to pass. But you don't want to only pass.  You want to excel.  And that's why we created the ACFT App.

The ACFT App will continue to be improved overtime.  It was created by Army Cyber Warriors.  We are tired of the websites and mobile apps created by contractors.  We want technology that is on par with private industry. That is why Troopsy created The ACFT App.

What Our Users Say

This is everything you need. I forgot the order of the sprint drag carry, luckily I had the instructions tab on this app. I love how it saves your scores so you can see if you improve. Keep up the good work! I have pushed it to all my peers as a must have app."

~ Dah Doob

"This app is great so far. We were using it to practice the test this weekend with my unit. One thing that would make it even more awesome would be to be able to save the results when recording a group of tests. Also, at least from my iPhone and iPad, I can only air print. It would be awesome to be able to share the 705 or to save it as a PDF."

~ Raghotrod86

"Originally, there was an issue with the deadlift score calculations not being updated to reflect the new scoring standards that took affect on October 1st. That issue was promptly fixed by the developer. Great app!"

~ Rocker929

"Great app. Def can help you get ready for the ACFT and provides excellent demonstrations of each event. Lets gooo. Has been updated to reflect all the appropriate demand ratings. Great app again."

~ Sir Manny

"Definitely need this app!"

~ Chris Collins

"Great App! A must have for the new Army PT test."

~ T0mb5t0n3
Multiple platform

The app is available on multiple platforms

For Smartphone

The ACFT app is available on Android and iOS.
  • Customized for each platform
  • Designed with you in mind

For Tablet

The app is optimized to work on Android tablets and iPads.
  • Support for larger screens
  • Enjoy all of the same great features as smartphones
Are you ready to increase your ACFT productivity? Start by downloading the app now! Staying Army Fit hasn't been easier.